Wild Deuce Racing Takes Another Podium Finish

Dacono, Co 6/1/2019 – Starting outside the front row in the pure stock feature, I maintained 2nd place behind Ronnie Johnson for several laps. We had a tight battle at the front with a half dozen or so fighting for position every lap. I made a move on the inside of Johnson and some others behind charged up at the same time leading to an incident which unfortunately took out Johnson. I led the race for several laps after that, working hard to hold off Justin Karrol, but ended up getting loose in turn two and Karrol was able to take the lead. I continued to fight hard to regain the lead and hold off the moves coming from behind for the next several laps. Then with around 12 laps to go I spun in turn three. I had been getting looser every lap and I thought it was just that we were racing so hard, but it turns out another car had been leaking oil which brought out a red flag for a good 20+ minutes while the track crew cleaned around the entire track. Since my spin was determined to caused by the oil on the track, I was put back into 2nd place when we returned to green. I continued to fight Karrol for the lead for the next several laps. Then we had two late race cautions. The final yellow left us with a two lap showdown. I shot out front on the restart, but Karrol got under me in the turn and was able to hold onto the lead. It was a wild two lap showdown. On the white flag lap in turn 4 I attempted to take Karrol on the outside going as hard as I could without hitting the wall, but I got too sideways and Jacob Poole was able to get under me and beat me to the line. This was the most fun and intense race so far, and I was pleased with my third place finish. I didn’t mind Poole taking 2nd too much because he let me shadow him in the pits last year and gave me a lot of advice about getting into racing.

The timing system failed during qualifying. Evidently, they used our practice times which put me in the fast dash. The fast dash had an exciting start with an agressive and bunched up field. We went three wide a few times, but when I found myself on the wall side of a three wide, I had to lift to save the car and five other cars rushed past me. I decided it wasn’t worth it to fight back for dash points, so just cruised at the back of the field.

After the races in the pits, I must have had around 100 people stop by to say they were rooting for me and ask about the car. I signed my first autograph for a kid. Many people are interested to learn more about Cannabuddies. One couple even told me a story about how Cannabuddies had gone out of their way to help a terminally ill child. What’s really funny is have I had at least five groups of fans come up to me saying they were taking bets among themselves on what kind of car I have. Apparently people actually get in arguments over whether it is a Monte Carlo or a Nova. For the record it is a 1972 Monte Carlo with a Nova right front fender and hood, and Chevelle bumpers. I was a really exciting night of racing. It’s great to know the fans are enjoying the show rooting for the Wild Deuce! I believe the points will shake out with me taking the lead in the season championship. Thanks again to my sponsors Cannabuddies.com, Shreck’s Auto – thetrailerexchange.com, Relogic – relogicbrokerage.com, and Forward Graphics – forward-graphics.com.


5/18 CNS Recap

5/18/2019, Dacono, CO – Running on the freshly repaved Colorado National Speedway, I qualified 3rd of 24 Pure Stocks. As a rookie, I have to start in the back of the dash for my first three events, but managed to go from 12th to 4th in just 10 laps in the fast dash. Starting 7th in the main, I worked my way up to 4th. The car was really fast and I could taste the win, but two late race yellows re-stacked the field traffic and blocked further progress to the front. Two race nights in and the Wild Deuce is now tied for 2nd in points.

I’m very pleased with the car at this point. This was the first race I finally started calm and collected with everything in proper running order, and left the track with no major issues to worry about fixing.

Top five finishers have to go through a tech inspection after the feature and it was quite lengthy this week, taking over an hour to conduct a pressure test, connecting rod measurements, and rear-end ratio inspection which the Wild Deuce passed successfully. My aftermarket pulley’s were found to be in violation of the rules. This did not affect my result, but I have been asked to not run them anymore in the pure stocks.


Davis Takes 5th at CNS Debut

4/20/2019, Dacona, CO, Neil Davis finished 5th in the Pure Stock feature at the Colorado National Speedway O’Reilly Auto Parts Do-It-Yourself Night. Davis qualified 5th of 25 cars with a time of 20.893 around the 3/8 mile paved oval. As a rookie, he started in the back for the 10 lap fast dash. Starting on the outside front row for the feature, Davis lost a few positions early, but fought back and maintained position during the three caution race to finish 5th overall.

“It was such a joy to finish in the top 5 with Jacob Poole 2nd and Ronnie Johnson 4th. Those two guys helped me a bunch getting started in racing.” The Wild Deuce was lucky to make this race having lost an engine in practice two weeks earlier. If it wasn’t for Johnson’s help with replacing the engine, this race would not have been possible.

With a solid start to the season, the Wild Deuce now sits 5th in points. We are encouraged by this result and look forward to the next race at CNS on Saturday, May 18th. Wild Deuce racing is grateful for the support of our sponsors: Cannabuddies, Shreck’s Auto, ReLogic Brokerage, and Forward Graphics.


Shreck’s Auto Partners with Wild Deuce Racing

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When I was looking for a trailer, I found Shreck’s Auto of Brighton, CO had prices on brand new, quality, trailers that beat some of the used trailer prices I had seen. I’ve been very pleased with my choice of a Texoma open trailer for transporting the Wild Deuce. Whether you need a basic open trailer, a bells and whistles cross-country hauler, something for work, or just a weekend rental, owner John Schreckengast is the trailer hook up! John is a true fan of grass-roots local stock car racing, and we are pleased to announce Shreck’s Auto has joined the team as a sponsor!

Visit http://www.thetrailerexchange.com to see Shreck’s inventory of trailers. Make sure you’re sitting down before you see the prices! Contact Shreck’s by phone at 303-520-4199.


Relogic Investment Real Estate Brokerage Joins the Team

Wild Deuce Racing is delighted to announce investment real estate brokerage, Relogic, has joined the team! The Denver real estate market is rich with investment opportunities. Contact Ken O’Donnell at Relogic Brokerage to get a piece of the action. Ken is an investment real estate expert with a proven record of fix and flip, and foreclosure success stories. Visit relogicbrokerage.com or contact Ken directly at 720-841-8909 .


Better Now Than Later

The Wild Deuce got on the track at the CNS tech and tune on Saturday, 3/23/2019 . The engine feels strong and setup feels good around the turns. The transmission was behaving oddly. After a dozen or so laps I lost power steering. When I came back to the pits I found a leaking radiator hose and had thrown my belts. I was a able to fix those problems, but as I began to head out for the next test session, the transmission failed. I could only get the car to move in reverse. I could still shift into the drive gears, but the clutch or thrust converter would not engage. This is disappointing, but better to find out now than at a race. I’ll take the car to a transmission specialist next week and hopefully be back online in time for the next practice on 3/30. On a positive note, we almost made it through tech inspection. Just a couple minor issues and we should pass inspection next time through.

3/12/2019 – The Wild Deuce is finally ready for the first test and tune session at CNS. If you can’t wait for race season, come get all the sights, sounds, and smells for just $5 this Saturday. You can even help me find the bolt I didn’t tighten enough before it comes loose on the track.

3/10/2019 – Here is the 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Wild Deuce. Actually, it is more of a ’70ish Monte-Nova-Chevelle. Been working hard this off-season to re-skin the old battered body. The motor is solid and we’re going to race to win at CNS in 2019! Look forward to new paint and sponsor branding, coming soon! First practice at CNS is next Saturday, and first race night is April 20.

The Wild Deuce
The Wild Deuce