1/6/2019 – My new five point harness works great! I got smashed up in the I76 Speedway Winter Series Hobby Stock Feature today. In an effort to avoid cars wrecking in front of me, I tried to go around on the outside of turn four, but I got into soft dirt and put myself nose first into the wall.


11/5/2018 – First race ever! After my heat race, oil was pouring out of my right rear hub. I thought my day was over. But a bunch of guys swarmed my car and helped me fix it in time for the feature. A bearing was working it’s way outward and pushed out the seal. I was amazed at how helpful and friendly everyone was. I couldn’t have gone back out without their help. I spun with a flat tire halfway through the Hobby Stock feature and sat in the infield the rest of the race. Later, I finished in 11th in the 100 lap enduro, and even won $40 which covered for my entry!