Forward Graphics Sponsors Wild Deuce Racing

Wild Deuce Racing is pleased to announce sponsorship by Forward Graphics of Denver, CO! Forward Graphics can produce almost any type of custom graphic project, such as die-cut stickers, vinyl race car graphics, custom t-shirts and hats, signs, and more! Visit and contact Nick Hemendinger for all your graphic design and production needs.

3/12/2019 – The Wild Deuce is finally ready for the first test and tune session at CNS. If you can’t wait for race season, come get all the sights, sounds, and smells for just $5 this Saturday. You can even help me find the bolt I didn’t tighten enough before it comes loose on the track.

3/10/2019 – Here is the 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Wild Deuce. Actually, it is more of a ’70ish Monte-Nova-Chevelle. Been working hard this off-season to re-skin the old battered body. The motor is solid and we’re going to race to win at CNS in 2019! Look forward to new paint and sponsor branding, coming soon! First practice at CNS is next Saturday, and first race night is April 20.

The Wild Deuce
The Wild Deuce

1/6/2019 – My new five point harness works great! I got smashed up in the I76 Speedway Winter Series Hobby Stock Feature today. In an effort to avoid cars wrecking in front of me, I tried to go around on the outside of turn four, but I got into soft dirt and put myself nose first into the wall.

11/5/2018 – First race ever! After my heat race, oil was pouring out of my right rear hub. I thought my day was over. But a bunch of guys swarmed my car and helped me fix it in time for the feature. A bearing was working it’s way outward and pushed out the seal. I was amazed at how helpful and friendly everyone was. I couldn’t have gone back out without their help. I spun with a flat tire halfway through the Hobby Stock feature and sat in the infield the rest of the race. Later, I finished in 11th in the 100 lap enduro, and even won $40 which covered for my entry!