Shreck’s Auto Partners with Wild Deuce Racing

Visit for the best trailer prices in the state!

When I was looking for a trailer, I found Shreck’s Auto of Brighton, CO had prices on brand new, quality, trailers that beat some of the used trailer prices I had seen. I’ve been very pleased with my choice of a Texoma open trailer for transporting the Wild Deuce. Whether you need a basic open trailer, a bells and whistles cross-country hauler, something for work, or just a weekend rental, owner John Schreckengast is the trailer hook up! John is a true fan of grass-roots local stock car racing, and we are pleased to announce Shreck’s Auto has joined the team as a sponsor!

Visit to see Shreck’s inventory of trailers. Make sure you’re sitting down before you see the prices! Contact Shreck’s by phone at 303-520-4199.


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