Better Now Than Later

The Wild Deuce got on the track at the CNS tech and tune on Saturday, 3/23/2019 . The engine feels strong and setup feels good around the turns. The transmission was behaving oddly. After a dozen or so laps I lost power steering. When I came back to the pits I found a leaking radiator hose and had thrown my belts. I was a able to fix those problems, but as I began to head out for the next test session, the transmission failed. I could only get the car to move in reverse. I could still shift into the drive gears, but the clutch or thrust converter would not engage. This is disappointing, but better to find out now than at a race. I’ll take the car to a transmission specialist next week and hopefully be back online in time for the next practice on 3/30. On a positive note, we almost made it through tech inspection. Just a couple minor issues and we should pass inspection next time through.


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