5/18 CNS Recap

5/18/2019, Dacono, CO – Running on the freshly repaved Colorado National Speedway, I qualified 3rd of 24 Pure Stocks. As a rookie, I have to start in the back of the dash for my first three events, but managed to go from 12th to 4th in just 10 laps in the fast dash. Starting 7th in the main, I worked my way up to 4th. The car was really fast and I could taste the win, but two late race yellows re-stacked the field traffic and blocked further progress to the front. Two race nights in and the Wild Deuce is now tied for 2nd in points.

I’m very pleased with the car at this point. This was the first race I finally started calm and collected with everything in proper running order, and left the track with no major issues to worry about fixing.

Top five finishers have to go through a tech inspection after the feature and it was quite lengthy this week, taking over an hour to conduct a pressure test, connecting rod measurements, and rear-end ratio inspection which the Wild Deuce passed successfully. My aftermarket pulley’s were found to be in violation of the rules. This did not affect my result, but I have been asked to not run them anymore in the pure stocks.


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